12 Days of Christmas Cleaning (Days 1-5): A Cleaning Checklist to Help You Prep for the Holidays

Updated: July 13, 2023

Christmas is Coming! To help ease any holiday cleaning stress you may experience this time of year, our experts have come up with a 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Cleaning Checklist.

If you’re expecting company this year, or just want to get your home in order for the holidays, look no further. By focusing on one of these 12 areas of your home each day, you can break up the work into small chunks. Doing this will make your holiday prep less daunting, and give you one more reason to celebrate this year.

We wanted to give you some in depth tips this year, so we’ll be breaking this up into 3 parts:

  • Days 1-5
  • Days 6-9
  • Days 10-12

Days 1-5 | Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Day 1: Guest Bedrooms

It’s a good idea to give your guest bedroom a refresh – especially if you haven’t had visitors in a while. Bedding will benefit from a fresh wash and pillows will feel extra cozy with a little fluffing. Dust any surfaces that haven’t gotten cleaned in a while. Hit the carpet with a nice vacuuming session. This special attention to your guest bedroom will make your guests feel that much more at home, in your home!

Day 2: Guest Bathrooms

Next, you’ll want to give some special care to guest bathrooms. Stock up on toilet paper, tissues, clean towels and any other amenities you provide for your guests. Tidy counters and disinfect sinks, door handles and other high-touch surfaces. Finally, clean the mirror for some extra sparkle and shine this season!

Day 3: Master Bedroom

Though the master bedroom is your space, you might want to show off your interior design skills to your guests during a tour of the house. There are lots of reasons why a guest may pass through the master bedroom, so don’t forget this space! Wash bedding, tidy horizontal surfaces and vacuum to prep your master bedroom for the holidays. Think of it as a little gift to yourself!

Day 4: Master Bathroom

Whether or not guests will be using this bathroom, it’s a good idea to give your master bathroom a little refresh before visitors arrive. Wash hand towels, bathmats and washcloths. Give your shower a nice scrub. Even if you’re the only one using this space, it will feel great to have a bathroom that’s fresh and clean.

Day 5: Kids’ Bedrooms and Bathrooms

On day 5, take some time to organize your kids’ rooms. Have them help you tidy and up and go through their current toy collection. Make some closet space for their new holiday gifts by donating old toys. Don’t forget their bathrooms either! Stock up on toilet paper, freshen the towels and disinfect surfaces in case guests need to use this bathroom when others are occupied.

Want to level up your holiday cleaning game this year?

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