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Why Choose Casas Bonitas Janitorial Services?

Clarity in communication

We understand that the backbone of stellar janitorial service is clear communication. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your office premises are always kept clean and safe. Knowing what and when your janitors do the rounds assures you of a functional work environment at any given time. Also, part of our duty as janitors is to report any anomalies we notice around your building to help businesses get ahead of unforeseen circumstances. We don’t only clean, we care.

Quality assurance

When businesses decide which commercial janitorial services in Phoenix to contract, the crucial factor for most is the quality of service. However, judging which service provider can deliver quality office cleaning services is not always easy. We understand this concern, and that’s why, at Casas Bonitas, we’re upfront with our cleaning processes. We don’t overpromise. We tell you our capacities so they can help shape your expectations.


Another valuable quality in a commercial janitorial service company is dependability. Your business cleaning needs should be one less you have to worry about as a manager. At Casas Bonitas, our janitors prioritize their scheduled activities. We strive to show up as and when agreed. And if there are any changes, we communicate ahead of time.

We clean green

More and more companies are pushing for safer and greener materials for use. And rightly so. In our effort to support a safer and greener environment, we adopt a green cleaning process that sees all our cleaners use environmentally friendly cleaning agents for all routine janitorial work. We ensure your workspace remains clean and free of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Our Janitorial Services Process

Our janitorial services in Phoenix have operated for almost two decades on three basic principles:

Daily routines

Our janitors would manage the cleanliness and hygiene of your business premises without disrupting your business activities. Our professionals are trained to be discrete in their daily rounds. This influences the cleaning schedule we adopt for each workspace. Regardless, our cleaners ensure that they cover all sanitization services necessary for the health and safety of your staff and workers. Daily routine activities include dusting, mopping, vacuuming, restroom sanitization, cleaning supplies stocking, and waste disposal.

High standards

There are regulations that guide the health and safety of workspaces as prescribed by OSHA. Our janitors are periodically updated on the best practices required for each type of business with which we have a contract. Also, part of our dedication to quality standards is our commitment to green cleaning by using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning agents for all our office cleaning activities. We also encourage our on-site staff to learn and maintain the workplace culture of their assigned stations. This helps us deliver better quality service that meets each client’s needs.


As commercial janitors, flexibility is a hallmark of our profession. We understand that not all businesses operate the same way. Therefore, we treat each organization individually. This starts with outlining a custom-fit cleaning plan for each client based on the size of their office quarters, the staff size, and the cleaning routines requested. This means that our prices are also adjusted based on the specifications of each client. We won’t charge a small business owner the same way we would do a manufacturing company.

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Discuss Your Custom Cleaning Plan with Us

Facilities We Cover Under Our Janitorial Services

Our commercial janitorial services in Phoenix extend across various institutions and organizations, from privately owned businesses to public facilities; our janitors are experienced and prepared to take on any challenge.

Commercial office cleaning

Office cleaning is a fundamental part of our Phoenix janitorial services. We offer flexible office cleaning packages that range from daily to weekly plans depending on the nature of the workspace. We also work with property managers for large commercial offices that require janitorial services that cut across multiple workstations.

Commercial kitchen cleaning

We have customized cleaning solutions for restaurants and large kitchens to keep your preparation unit clean and healthy. We understand the hustle and bustle that comes with managing a commercial kitchen, and we know that cleanliness is crucial to the standard of your restaurant. That’s why we specially train janitors to be assigned to commercial kitchens.

Medical office cleaning

Medical office cleaning is also a unique arm of our commercial cleaning services. Medical offices require specialized sanitization services, so our janitors assigned to medical facilities are also retrained on the meticulous procedures required.

Warehouse cleaning

Stores and warehouses need periodic cleaning. Such commercial cleaning needs attention and care for the materials in storage. Our janitors treat each storehouse as delicate and are extra mindful of the cleaning processes when fragile packages are involved.


Janitorial work for schools comes with a considerably more demanding workload than most commercial cleaning jobs. With the safety of students and campus staff also concerned, janitors must carefully map out the proper cleaning schedule and cleaning agents that won’t disrupt the learning activities on campus.

Event venue cleaning

Event centers are some of the most contested jobs in the Phoenix commercial cleaning industry. Event venue cleaning cuts across janitorial service for any ample space used for hosting crowds at an event. This includes stadiums, arenas, concert halls, conference centers, recreation parks, worship centers, etc. Some of these large-scale janitorial works are beyond the scope of one commercial cleaning company. As a company, we know how to collaborate with other Phoenix janitorial services to complete large-scale cleaning.

Gym cleanups

Most gyms in the Phoenix area have an average foot traffic of between twenty and a hundred members daily. That many sweaty bodies going in and out of a facility means there’s a need for frequent cleaning to maintain a healthy workout environment. Our janitorial service cleans up all types of gym equipment and workout grime without getting in the way of routines and exercises.

Specialized cleaning

Finally, we offer customized cleaning solutions as part of our Phoenix janitorial services. This addresses special business cleaning needs like equipment cleaning, landscaping, specialized window cleaning, and other sanitization services outside the scope of regular office janitorial cleaning. We charge these technical janitorial work on a one-time basis apart from any long-term contract we hold with our clients.

Our Customized Cleaning Solutions

Want to work with Casas Bonitas? Here is how to get going:

  • Start with a consultation session

To start working with us, you can reach out to us by placing a call or request a callback. On our first talk, we would listen to all your janitorial needs and determine the best package that suits your commercial cleaning needs. If needed, we can then book a physical walkthrough session of your business premises. In other cases, a simple virtual walkthrough suffices.

  • We create a tailored cleaning plan for your facility

After you’ve let us know about your business cleaning needs and other necessary details about your work premises, we will create a custom cleaning plan specific to your business. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to janitorial contracts. We prefer to deal with each business based on their needs and capacity.

  • Keep the communication lines open

Often, a lack of quality of work and feedback discourages business owners and company managers from contracting their cleaning needs out. If our janitors do not match your expectations, we encourage our clients to keep us in the loop. We know that our work can help businesses become more productive and profitable. And we believe that active communication is vital to any successful janitorial work.

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Hear What Our Clients Love About Us

“Our contracted custodian through Casa Bonitas is amazing, and we have yet to have a negative experience with him. He is always available, whether it be a scheduled appointment or a last-minute change in plans. He truly relieves so much stress in the setting up and breaking down of our events each week.”

“Our housekeeper from Casas Bonitas is amazingggg! She always goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning our home. I love how she picks up on all the little details that previous cleaning ladies would completely overlook. 10/10 recommend!”


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