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We’re a prime commercial cleaning service business in Phoenix and Arizona Valley. We beautify the business spaces of our esteemed clients.

Our commercial cleaning service is a targeted package for firms and public facilities that need cleaning jobs. For over 19 years, we have delivered excellent cleaning services for companies in Phoenix. And we are proud to say that we retain a long-standing friendly relationship with most of our customers.

Now, we would love to welcome your business on board.

What We Offer

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Are you looking for a Phoenix commercial cleaning service that covers various janitorial work? We are at your service.

Our commercial office cleaning in Phoenix is known for our thorough approach. We understand that one size does not fit all. Hence, we treat each cleaning request as a standalone and give your facilities the exact treatment required.

Whether you need a simple commercial window cleaning work or a more complex commercial carpet cleaning job, or even if it’s an intensive commercial kitchen cleaning service, our experienced staff handles the details of each assignment individually.

Our commercial cleaning services in Phoenix covers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • General Office Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Toilet Cleaning
  • Hood Cleaning
  • We also handle special request services like gym equipment and hospital facilities.

Why Choose Us: The Casas Experience

We prioritize communication.

Cleaning is all about satisfaction. Without clear communication and understanding, it’s hard to achieve customer satisfaction. This is why at Casas Bonitas, our CEO, Darcie, loves to have a one-on-one with every client business we take on. She learns the ins and outs of your premises and all your expectations from our service.

We are thorough.

With Casas Bonitas, we deliver a sparkling cleansing. We have all the necessary equipment, cleaning agents, and experienced personnel for a thorough cleaning job. This is why we are regarded as one of the top commercial cleaning companies in Phoenix, AZ.

We are dedicated.

Our approach to delivering a consistent quality job and maintaining client satisfaction is to assign janitors to individual facilities where they dedicate their time and effort. We also don’t believe in stretching our personnel thin; we make arrangements that help our cleaners work efficiently.

We are security-conscious.

A major concern for business owners and public facility managers is the security of their work premises. We are aware of this legitimate concern and have put measures in place. First, we only hire vetted professionals with a full background check. Then, depending on your facility’s security measures, our designated cleaners are trained to work with Level 1 fingerprint access buildings.

We are in for the long haul.

Casas Bonitas offers one of the best-recognized commercial cleaning services in Phoenix. We love working with our clients for a long time. We know Arizona businesses value stability, and we will give you that. No more need to do a security clearance every other month because you keep changing your janitors. We have served the valley for over 19 years, and our longest clients have trusted us for years.

phoenix commercial cleaning services

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What Our Commercial Cleaning Services Entail

The Casas Bonitas commercial cleaning services comprise our tailor-made cleaning plans for business spaces, public centers, and government properties in and around the Phoenix Valley, Arizona.


We’ll briefly go over some of the details of our Phoenix commercial cleaning services, including some of the facilities we cater to and what our onboarding process looks like.

Facilities we manage

Our commercial cleaning systems in Phoenix aren’t just restricted to commercial office cleaning. Whatever commercial facility you manage, we need only understand the design and details of your system, and we would devise a professional method to do a meticulous wipe-down.

Here’s a list of facilities our commercial cleaning services cover in Arizona:

  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Event venues
  • Retail stores and showrooms
  • Movie theaters
  • Government properties
  • Medical facilities
  • Museums
  • Fitness centers
  • Worship centers

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Process

Touch base with us

You can contact us via phone call or request a callback and we’ll be in touch with you. This initial contact is to schedule a consultation session with our managing experts.

Let’s start with a consultation.

During your consultation session, you would do a virtual or in-person walkthrough of your facility and the areas that need cleaning. You talk, we take notes. By this, we would evaluate whether you need our commercial window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, or commercial kitchen cleaning services. Or all of them. We also offer expert advice on cleaning delicate equipment or hidden crevices.

Get your tailored cleaning plan.

Once we have detailed all the cleaning services and areas you need, we will formulate a custom cleaning plan for the covered area. Usually, our commercial cleaning services in Phoenix involve a mix of basic and deep cleaning. The cleaning plan spells out the longevity of our cleaning contract with your firm, the service frequency, timing, personnel count, and every other necessary detail.

It’s service time!

Once we have a contract, we begin work promptly. On the first visit, our on-site personnel would need a tour of your facility and equipment for our on-site personnel. Commercial office cleaning in Phoenix also often requires introducing our professionals to managers and staff within your space.

Our communication lines are always open.

With your cleaning service in gear, we don’t leave you high and dry. Our core team, including our CEO, would continually check in on your project. And we’re always eager to hear your feedback and make appropriate changes or explanations where needed.

Hear What Our Clients Love About Us

“Our contracted custodian through Casa Bonitas is amazing, and we have yet to have a negative experience with him. He is always available, whether it be a scheduled appointment or a last-minute change in plans. He truly relieves so much stress in the setting up and breaking down of our events each week.”

“Our housekeeper from Casas Bonitas is amazingggg! She always goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning our home. I love how she picks up on all the little details that previous cleaning ladies would completely overlook. 10/10 recommend!”


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