12 Days of Christmas Cleaning (Days 6-9): A Cleaning Checklist to Help You Prep for the Holidays

Updated: July 13, 2023
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Christmas is Coming! To help ease any holiday cleaning stress you may experience this time of year, our experts have come up with a 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Cleaning Checklist.

If you’re expecting company this year, or just want to get your home in order for the holidays, look no further. By focusing on one of these 12 areas of your home each day, you can break up the work into small chunks. Doing this will make your holiday prep less daunting, and give you one more reason to celebrate this year.

We wanted to give you some in depth tips this year, so we’ll be breaking this up into 3 parts:

  • Days 1-5
  • Days 6-9
  • Days 10-12

Days 6-9 | Transitional Areas and Small Spaces that Make a Huge Impact

Day 6: Laundry Room

More people means more laundry. So, make sure your laundry room is ready to be busier this time of year. Make sure you’re stocked up on detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. Organize any shelves that need a little love. Spray some crisp linen air freshener to give the laundry room an extra special touch.

Day 7: Hallways

Hallways are often an overlooked part of the home. So make sure to spend some time vacuuming and dusting any main hallways, as well as straightening wall hangin or pictures.

Day 8: Coat Closet or Entry Closet

Are your extra closets organized? Take stock of these handy storage spaces and clear any clutter. Extra closet space will be your best friend when guests visit.

Day 9: Entryway

The entryway is the first impression of your home, and when set up well, can really wow your guests. Since it’s the space that welcomes visitors, make sure you show your entry way some love. To start, sweep floors, mop and give any furniture or fixtures a good dusting. Then, tidy any surfaces and check that rugs and wall decor are straightened. Just a few minutes of detailed attention like this can make a huge positive impact on your home.

Want to level up your holiday cleaning game this year?

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