Arizona Monsoon Season Is Here

Updated: July 13, 2023

When is Monsoon Season in Arizona?

Arizona monsoon season typically starts on June 15 and spans until September 30. Each year, the monsoon season brings much needed moisture and rainfall, and the relief of cooler weather. But, the short bursts of extreme wind, rain and lightning can also leave homes and businesses with unique cleaning needs for post-storm cleanup.

Tackling Monsoon cleaning challenges

Many homes in wetter climates have designated “mudrooms”. These spaces can be a room or entry way that is the first space you encounter when coming through the homes main entrance. Mudrooms are designed to weather whatever the storm brings in; it’s a place to take muddy boots off, store wet umbrellas and generally clean up before settling into the home. Meanwhile, front rooms and foyers in Phoenix may not be used to the excess mud, debris and heavy dirt and dust that monsoon season brings. So, to keep your home clean during the special cleaning challenges of monsoon season, our cleaning experts have put together a few tips to keep in mind next time the sky goes dark and thunder rumbles in the Phoenix valley.

Cleaning tips for Managing Arizona Monsoon Aftermath

Before diving into these monsoon cleaning tips, it’s important to remember to tackle cleaning only after storm activity has stopped. During monsoons, there’s an increased risk of power outages and other unpredictable events, so it’s best to save the cleaning for once the monsoon has settled.

Tip 1: Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby

Often times, we cleaning supplies is stored in a hallway closet, the garage or under a sink. While this might be fine for year-round Arizona cleaning, Monsoon mess happens as soon as you step foot in the from Entrance. With this in mind, it’s best to keep essential monsoon cleaning supplies like all purpose spray, cloths and paper towels, or even a slim broom by the door. This allows for easy access and instead of tracking it around the house, mud and dirt from shoes are able to stay in one concentrated area.

Tip 2: The Double Doormat Method

When monsoons hit (and all year, really!), you’ll be so happy you added this simple, budget-friendly fix to your entryway. Instead of only one welcome mat, use two. Place one outside the front door, and another inside the front door. This gives you an extra chance to scrape off any mud or debris that you may track in with your shoes.

Tip 3: Have Clean Towels Ready

If you’ve ever been out running errands or at a restaurant when a monsoon hits, you know that it can go from zero to 100 quickly. With that, you may not be prepared with an umbrella, proper shoes for rain, or even a rain jacket. Walking through this intense of a rain storm means you might get soaking wet, and if that’s the case, you’ll be happy to have a towel on hand as soon as you get home. Use the towel to dry your hair, clothes or and other personal belongings before continuing on into your home.

Cleaning Arizona Homes and Businesses for 20 years and Counting

We hope these tips help you manage the mud and dirt that comes with Arizona’s monsoon season. The Casas Bonitas team of cleaning experts has been serving Arizona homes and businesses for 20 years and counting. So, for a professional cleaning during monsoon season or all year long, contact Casas Bonitas or request a callback today.

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