Victory Electrostatic Sprayer: Cleaning Supplies Shout Out!

Updated: July 12, 2023

This year, we introduced the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer to our arsenal of professional cleaning tools. In addition to our other COVID-19 response efforts, we’ve made our cleanings even more thorough with the inclusion of this sprayer’s electrostatic technology. We’re so excited to have this tool on hand for your residential and commercial jobs, and wanted to share just a few reasons why we find it so special.

First, let’s start with the basics: what is an electrostatic sprayer?

An electrostatic sprayer uses electrostatic technology to quickly apply even coats of liquid to almost any surface. When liquid leaves the reservoir tank on these machines, the liquid particles are given a positive charge, which makes them repel each other and stick to the other items around them, instead. This helps ensure an even coating of disinfectant, or other liquid you’re dispensing.

Versatile Applications and Thorough, Even Coverage

We love the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer because it is so versatile and ensures that we’re able to evenly and effectively disinfect any space. It’s especially helpful on uniquely shaped surfaces, and large surface areas that require special attention. Here’s a few examples of where this sprayer’s abilities can shine:

  • In the Classroom

Classrooms require a lot of detail work, and attention to multiple separate surfaces like desks and chairs. The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer allows us to quickly sanitize large flat areas, while also getting into all those hard to reach places where germs may be hiding.

  • High Traffic Office Areas:

Right now, offices are re-opening, making it more important than ever that employers provide a safe, healthy workspace for their employees. Thorough disinfecting with electrostatic spraying technology helps to manage the spread of germs in high traffic areas. Plus, they can help give workers peace of mind, knowing that every surface they come into contact with has been properly treated.

Allows for High Quality, Cost Effective Cleanings

Using tools like electrostatic sprayers help us continue to provide you with high-quality, cost effective cleaning services. Some jobs will always require good, old fashioned, manual cleaning. But, when possible, we use the Victory Electrostatic sprayer to help reduce product waste. Electrostatic technology ensures that we’re only dispensing as much disinfectant as is needed for the job, without overspray and without missing any areas.

As you can see, adding the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer has been an amazing addition to our list of cleaning supplies. It’s helping us take our level of job excellence even higher, while providing our residential and commercial clients with countless benefits.

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