5 Signs of a Great Janitorial Service

Updated: July 11, 2023

It can be hard to know where to start when evaluating your current janitorial service’s performance. Finding a new company to care for your facility can be even harder. Luckily, we’ve put together 5 signs you’ve found a great janitorial service to guide you in the process.

Whether you currently have a janitorial service on staff, or if you’re looking to switch or hire a new one, there are a few clear signs that separate the average companies from the great ones.

Some of these signs can be evaluated by their work, and some can be evaluated by asking the staff a few simple questions. No matter how you find the information, these are five clear signs of a great janitorial service:

Sign 1

Trash is Well Maintained

Next time you’re walking around your commercial facility, check out the trash cans. Is garbage removed, odor free and taken care of? This is one of the most foundational services your janitorial company offers, so pay special attention to this. If the company isn’t maintaining this basic responsibility, it may be time to have a serious conversation with the staff, or look for a new service.

Sign 2

Clean and Well Stocked Restrooms

Hand soap, sanitizer, paper towels and toilet paper aren’t always first on your mind, but when they’re not there, it’s a big deal. Next time you use your building’s restroom, take a look around. Does the room smell fresh and sanitary? Are essentials like hand soap within reach? If not, your janitorial staff has room to improve.

Sign 3

They’re Responsive to Problems

What happens when there’s an urgent issue? Do you feel comfortable reaching out to your janitorial service staff when you have a question?

Any cleaning company can fulfill basic responsibilities, but does your service go above and beyond what’s expected? One sign of a great janitorial service (or any service, really) is that they’re responsive and knowledgable when it comes to customer communication. If it seems their customer service skills are lacking, it might be time to consider other companies.

Sign 4

They Pay Attention to Detail

When you walk into the office, are the windows clean? Is there visible dust? Do the floors look clean and free of dirt or grime? These might seem like small issues by themselves, but over time, lack of attention to details like these can add up. A facility that isn’t properly taken care of can hurt how you appear as a professional, and put employee health or comfort in their workplace at risk. It’s important that your janitorial service focuses on the big picture as well as sweats the little things for a well-rounded clean.

Sign 5

They’re Insured, Licenses and Bonded

When a company is bonded, it means they’re insured to protect themselves from any damage or losses caused by an employee. Ideally, it never needs to be used, but it’s important that you vet potential janitorial services by this standard. That’s because if an accident happens on the job or damage occurs during your routine cleaning service, you’re protected from any liabilities that could have been present otherwise. A janitorial service that takes insurance, licensing and bonding seriously is a good sign that they’ll take their work for you seriously as well.

Casas Bonitas Janitorial Services Go Above and Beyond for Customers

Are any of these signs missing from your current service? Clients that have made the switch to our janitorial services can expect us to go above and beyond to serve them. They rest easy knowing that we’re licensed, insured and bonded and we’re always ready and able to help when they need us. Want to learn more about how we can step up your janitorial services? Give us a call, or request a callback today!