Casas Bonitas announces Sean Saunders as Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Updated: July 12, 2023

Casas Bonitas has recently appointed Sean Saunders as CEO and owner. Sean will lead the company alongside Darcie Saunders, who is the company’s founder, owner and COO.

For the past 12 years, Sean has been a part time operations advisor to Casas Bonitas, helping develop systems like safety programs and setting overall best practices that prioritize customer service and job excellence.

As CEO, Sean will oversee the day-to-day support of all business infrastructure and operations, as well as manage Casas Bonitas’ sales and marketing plans. In his new role, Sean is committed to increasing operational efficiencies while always maintaining the high level of service that Casas Bonitas is known for.

By making the transition to full time, Sean is able to put all his focus and energy into developing the Casas Bonitas’ business, expanding the company’s high-quality service offerings, and finding ways to take job excellence even further. This decision marks a step forward for Casas Bonitas’ growth, both as a business and as a top-tier service provider to their clients.

About Sean Saunders

Sean Saunders has 20 years of experience working in operations-focused IT Technologies. While working in IT, Sean specialized in developing industry-specific solutions and daily tasks that improved company reporting processes and profitability. Sean has a lifetime of business experience in human resources, business admin, operations and more, and now he’s ready to bring that expertise to the Casas Bonitas family!

Sean Saunders


M: 480-227-0884

About Casas Bonitas

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